Packed with excellent community amenities.

Welcome to Burbank

Located approximately 15 minutes away from the city of Los Angeles, Burbank, also dubbed as the Media Capital of the World, thrives. This community of about 104,440 residents as of the latest population estimates is the home of the largest conglomerates in the country, such as The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Its glamorous nature aside, Burbank is also a lovely city built by “people pride, and progress” as mentioned in their official motto. Although the city only covers roughly 17.4 square miles, Burbank is packed with excellent community amenities and an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.


During the Spanish occupation, the city of Burbank was part of two Spanish land grants: Rancho San Rafael and Rancho La Providencia. In 1867, Dr. David Burbank, a dentist, and New Hampshire native, settled in the area and established a sheep ranch in portions of land grants.

As time passed, Dr. Burbank started selling small plots of land and granted the Southern Pacific Railroad rights-of-way. Seeing more opportunities to make money, he eventually sold his whole property to land speculators. Homes, farms, and a business district were built, and on May 1, 1887, Burbank came to be. The city was incorporated in 1911.

Real Estate and Property Types in Burbank

Beautiful Burbank is often divided into two sections: the downtown section and the flatland section. There are four distinct neighborhoods in the city, namely:

  • Media District
  • Magnolia Park
  • Downtown Burbank
  • Airport District

Burbank real estate has a melange of exciting real estate options. Regardless of the neighborhood, you’re interested in, you’re sure to find a number of fine homes that meet your needs and lifestyle.

Single-family homes, condos, townhomes, multi-family dwellings, and luxury properties are all here. Some homes in Burbank also offer amazing vistas of the San Fernando Valley.

Living In Burbank

  • Schools: One of Burbank’s most attractive features is the plethora of reputable schools in the vicinity. The city is served by the Burbank Unified School District, which manages public schools in the area, such as Luther Burbank Middle School. Luther Burbank recently won a Gold Ribbon Award. Woodbury University is also located in Burbank.

  • Getting Around: Catch the bus, hop on a train, or walk/bike your way around – there are many ways to get around Burbank. There is BurbankBus, which goes around the city, and the MegaBus, which can take you to San Fransisco and Oakland. MetroLink also serves Burbank, which connects you to Los Angeles via two stations located near the Hollywood Burbank Airport, which is your getaway for interstate and international travel.

  • Best Restaurants: Great food is easy to find in Burbank, which restaurants such as Granville, Smokehouse, MexCocina, The Counter, Bobs Big Boy, and Castaways are located in the city.

The more you learn about Burbank, the more you’ll want olive here. My Italian family has lived here for over 100 years. If you would like to know more about homes for sale in Burbank, CA, get in touch with me today by phone at (818) 987-7422, or by email at [email protected].

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